Farewell my friend, Evelyn Einstein by Ruth Elizabeth Migliore

Evelyn and I met when we were both barely thirteen. We were on the train riding to our boarding school in the Swiss Alps for the first time.  Each of us  was coming from another country:  Evelyn from the States; I from Venezuela where my parents were living at the time. We immediately became best friends.

We loved animals and nature and together explored the beautiful surroundings. The school stood near meadows,  forests and mountains.  We went hiking and mountain climbing.  We swam in an ice cold mountain lake called “Snake Lake”. Sometimes we even sneaked out of school with a few other friends, in the middle of the night, to go exploring.

Evelyn came with me during our vacations to stay with my relatives so she did not have to remain all alone at school.  One summer when we were about fifteen my Dad arranged for us to work as volunteers in the zoo of Basel and we helped raise monkeys,  bear cubs,  emus,  llamas and many other zoo animal babies.  We were allowed inside the cage of two juvenile orangutans and fed a baby hippopotamus with a bottle.

I left boarding school when I was sixteen. Evelyn stayed another year. We lost touch for a while, but began talking on the phone on a regular basis in 1986. I stayed with her in 1994 for a couple of weeks to help clean her apartment after the flood. Evelyn and I spent many hours talking on the phone these last twenty-five years.

She was a tortured soul and the older and more ill she became, the less she could deal with everyday life. Much had to do with her childhood,  and many times she spoke to me about those years.

I miss not being able to talk with her anymore. I lost a dear friend. She was like a sister to me. She was a kind human being;  she had real compassion for her fellow man.  At times she drove me a bit crazy when I tried to help her and it was never good enough, but I understood her anxieties and fears.

Dear Evelyn, when I think of you, which I often do, I see you running through fields and meadows, your beloved dog Rico at your side. You are free now, free from pain, anxiety, sadness and fear. Your spirit dances and embraces your beloved wolves, horses, bears and all the many creatures you loved so much. When I go outside at night I look for your bright star in the sky.

I miss you a lot.

Rest in peace, your friend Ruth.

Ruth Elizabeth Migliore


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