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Remembering Evelyn Einstein

E v e l y n    E i n s t e i n

March 28, 1941  –  April 13, 2011

Evelyn Einstein in 1960, when she was 19 years old



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Movie  & Magazine:

Einstein’s Brain.  A BBC documentary in 6 parts, 1994.  In Part 4,  Evelyn is visited  by the Japanese professor Kenji Sugimoto, professor of mathematics and science history at Kinki University, Osaka.  (video)

DISCOVER MAGAZINE article. Feb 12, 2008. Michelle Zackheim.

Grover Krantz. Ex-Husband. Feb 11, 2009 

He donated his bones to the Smithsonian Museum, after his death.  His bones, and his dog’s bones, were displayed there for more than a year.

50th Anniversary Black Friday. May 13, 2010

The top-of-the-page photographs, from 1960,  show Evelyn when she participated in the Black Friday Berkeley demonstrations. The photo below is of her,  50 years later,  in 2010, when she attended the anniversary.

Picture of Evelyn at the event: